Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping : Another example of the modern online shopping, in which the customer does not have to take the item but the item reaches the customer’s rate. No matter what the need is, whether it is a kitchen item or the stuff related to your office.

Everything is present in the online market. People are also taking great advantage of this facility. Just as everything has its advantages and disadvantages, similarly online shopping also has many advantages and disadvantages – Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping. Which are as follows:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

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Advantages of Online Shopping


Online shopping is very convenient, you just have to rotate your fingers on the phone sitting in your house and order the goods you want. After this, neither will you have to face heavy traffic nor will you have to face the weather. Your item will reach you easily in no time.

Unmatched Offers and Discounts:

There is no competition in any business. In this episode, there is a heavy competition in the online market as well. There are big markets here which offer very good offers to attract customers and also give discounts on items. You get these offers mostly during festivals. There may be many reasons behind these offers from merchants. But in the end, customers get their benefits only.

Variety in products:

Variety will be seen in any product in online markets, whether it is from needle to elephant shape. The customer can choose his goods related to his needs. All information about each item is easily obtained online. This allows the customer to easily examine the variation and quality between the two items carefully.

Older accessories also exist:

Many people think of selling their old items which are of no use to them, then in that case they can sell their goods online.

There are many people around who also buy that old item. Those who buy the old item online after getting the information of that item at a very reasonable price.

Items not found in common shops are online:

There are some items that you do not find in common street shops but through online shopping you can buy that item. There are many big markets here, which have all kinds of goods available.

Some web sites are quite famous for online shopping such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Shipping charge on online item:

Sometimes some online markets place an excess shipping charge on the item when purchasing goods online. Whose value is more than the value of the object. It can also be called a robbery of the online market. These charges are unreliable.

Loss of own touch and lack of sight:

If any customer purchases goods online. He is only able to see the object while ordering in the phone. The person cannot guess the quality and quantity of the goods, due to which sometimes customers do not get the best goods for more money.

Before giving money neither the object can be actually touched nor can it be seen with eyes.

Cheating in online shopping:

Today, most people do online shopping for which they use the Internet, but let us know that there are few web sites that sell real goods.

There are more fake web sites on the Internet that reduce the value of goods and attract customers. Many people get caught in this greed and as a result they fall prey to online deception.

Object delay:

This is the most problem seen in online shopping. The item you need reaches you at least three to four days. Due to which customers have to wait a long time to get the item.

Also sometimes the courier does not get your address or the customer does not get it at the given address. By which your goods reach you late.

Losses to common shopkeepers:

Today the online market is quite popular in every household. It is seen that some items are being purchased online from every family, but ordinary shopkeepers sitting in the street are facing huge losses.

People buy most of their goods online. Due to which the shopkeepers sitting in the market have started losing their jobs and even if a customer runs away, then people start comparing the value of their goods with the online price, which causes the shopkeeper to sell his goods in a loss.